Yongnuo 85mm f/1.8s DF DSM POV Test

January 7, 2024
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Is this the best budget-friendly 85mm f/1.8 on the market? I teamed up with Yongnuo and they sent me the Yongnuo 85mm f/1.8s DF DSM lens to test and review. What can I say? This lens is really good. Check more details below.

Yongnuo 85mm f/1.8 S DF DSM is a bright lens for universal use. Among other things, it's perfect for night photos. The f/1.8 aperture allows you to achieve a soft background blur effect and a nice-looking bokeh.

A few words about the build quality

The optical construction of the Yongnuo 85mm f/1.8 lens consists of 9 elements arranged in 8 groups. What's more, they used a special nano coating that minimize flares and ghosting. This technology also improves light transmission. It makes the photos look even better. I would like to remind you that this is a really budget lens and the construction is a big plus.

The external structure is metal with a black coating. There are a few plastic elements like the Auto-focus/Manual-focus switch. A special function button to which you can assign a function from the camera menu. Of course, the front and rear caps are also plastic. Its weight is only 346g, which is a very good result considering the f/1.8 aperture, and 85mm focal length. I'm sure users will like this compact size lens.

The Yongnuo 85mm f/1.8s has a metal bayonet and gold-plated contacts. This maintains reliable communication between the lens and the camera. Of course, communication with the camera will allow you to use functions such as autofocus, aperture control, or EXIF data transfer.

A few words about the quality of the photos

The aperture used in the Yongnuo 85mm f/1.8s for the Sony E model consists of 7 rounded blades. Thanks to them, I achieved unique results when photographing colorful light sources at night in Warsaw. What's more, the lens has a precise, fast, and quiet DSM stepper motor. Generally, it makes focusing very accurate and smooth. I noticed this right from the beginning after taking the first few photos.

The video I recorded will summarize all the above sentences about it objectively. You will see how I take photos and how quickly and precisely this lens works. So if you're looking for a lens that won't eat up your wallet, the Yongnuo 85mm f/1.8s is a lens you should be interested in.

I tested the Yongnuo 85mm f/1.8s with the Sony Alfa A7IV in the rain at a temperature of around 2°C.

Enjoy the video!


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