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This unique set of 10 presets was created mainly in 2022, but it had its beginning in 2021. It was then that I managed to create my personal style, which is already globally recognizable.

For the last six months, I've been refining the details and testing what I've created on thousands of different photos. It doesn't matter if you take photos at night or during the day - you will definitely find something for yourself in this package.

EASTBANGER V1 is a set of carefully crafted Lightroom presets that will give you a huge boost in your editing workflow. Use them as a base and unleash the true potential of your skills by making small changes and adjustments based on your photos.

What's included in the pack?
10 main presets (Desktop + Mobile)
• +1 bonus preset (HOLLY-F-BANGER)
• PDF User Guide

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All tutorials are and will be available on my Youtube channel. At any time you will be able to see how I edit my photos and what presets I use.

That's why I invite you to subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with all the tutorials and information about my work.

Since this is a digital product, I can't accept any offers or refunds, but please feel free to reach out by messaging me here or on Instagram if you have any questions before you make your purchase. Thanks!

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