World’s First MagSafe Filters for iPhone

July 2, 2023
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I had the pleasure to test the first in the world MagSafe filters for iPhone created and delivered by ANDYCINE, and I must say, I'm really excited.

The set that I had the opportunity to test includes all the filters that are available in the ANDYCINE store. Everyone will definitely find something suitable. The Pan's Snap Filter - All Filter Bundle includes the following filters:

  • 4 x ND filters (2 stop, 4 stop, 6 stop, 8 stop), 
  • 1 x Black Mist Filter, 
  • 1 x Blue Streak Filter Set (Horizontal and Vertical), 
  • 1 x Gold Streak Filter Set (Horizontal and Vertical),
  • 1 x Cross-Star Filter.

In addition, the set includes a special base for the phone, into which we put filters and a very solid case.

KS Special Edition Filter Base as well as all filters are made of the highest quality. Everything is solid. ANDYCINE's MagSafe filters are the first filters in the world that use Apple technology. The base is very slim and perfectly fits the phone. Nothing moves and holds the phone great.

MagSafe filters are definitely more professional because we won't be able to get the same effects with digital filters that are popular in various apps. This bundle offers iPhone shooters a quick and easy option to creatively enhance the quality of photos.

I recorded this short review which shows how you can use these filters. You will see what the photos look like from different angles. I used a few filters to show the various possibilities of the whole set. iPhone photos can look really good with those filters.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the comparison of these filters to the competition. Currently, it is a set of MagSafe filters that swaps the fastest and most efficiently. The only thing I can suggest is to remember not to touch the filter glass. And if you do touch it, it's better to wipe it. Otherwise, the photos might get blurred.



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