Viltrox 20mm f/2.8 – $158 Best Budget Wide Lens

January 25, 2024
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I teamed up with Viltrox, and over the last few weeks, I've had the opportunity to test the Viltrox 20mm f/2.8 lens. The price of $158 is shocking because the photos are of excellent quality.

My fascination with wide lenses continues. It's probably about the uniqueness of the frame you can get. The Viltrox 20mm f/2.8 is such a lens. It is suitable for portraits where the model can show off interesting poses. But above all, it is suitable for street, landscape, astrophotography, interior, and architecture photography.

As you probably know, I mainly take photos on the street because there is nothing else in my area. This is good and bad at the same time. The street is changing all the time. In a larger city, you meet a different person with every step. This gives many possibilities and unusual shots.

Skyscrapers and other buildings always provide an interesting backdrop.

Viltrox 20mm f/2.8 street light photography during snow fall

Viltrox 20mm f/2.8 is one of the lenses that charmed me with the quality of photos while maintaining a compact size and weighing only about 157 grams. This lens is so small and handy that I didn't feel it.

Before making the final test, I wanted to check how the Viltrox 20mm f/2.8 will work in very specific weather conditions. The lens passed the snowfall test and survived the whole photo walk.

Also, it did a great job when it comes to quality!

During the editing process, I found that the quality of the photos was really good. The optical system consists of 10 elements in 8 groups, ensuring excellent image quality without distortions or aberrations. The minimum focusing distance of only 0.19 meters will allow you to capture the smallest details at close range.

Finally, it is worth noting that you can buy this lens for just $158. When you combine all its advantages, the price is ridiculously low. I recommend watching my POV test/review video.



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