The Saramonic Blink500 ProX Microphone Test

November 4, 2023
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The Saramonic Blink500 ProX wireless microphone system makes video recording easier. I had the great pleasure of testing this set of wireless microphones. I recorded a short video that shows how the microphone works in everyday life.

The Saramonic Blink500 ProX wireless microphone uses 2.4GHz transmission technology. Also, it has a bigger OLED screen. It is important that you use it right after opening the box. This ensures that your set is always ready to record. You don't have to wait any longer!

I would say this is feature number one.

Imagine a situation where you have a few seconds to record something spontaneous. This is how many kits from competing companies need for the devices to turn on at all. With the Saramonic Blink500 ProX kit, this problem disappears. It's fast and really easy to use.

I had no problem whatsoever with connecting and using this set. I tested it alternately with the built-in microphone from DJI Osmo Action 4. And you will see the result in the video below.

Certainly, the list of features is quite long.

Among other things, you can expect 8s ultra-low latency and real compatibility with many devices. There is a selectable stereo or mono output modes. Additionally, the operating time on a single charge is approximately 10 hours. The included case functions as a battery and charger. You have enough power for the next several hours.

Overall it is a great set of wireless microphones. However, the test showed that this is not a perfect product. Obviously, there is no perfect product in the world. But the lack of built-in noise reduction is quite a big minus. If I had to choose a microphone to record my photo walks, I would definitely look for something with built-in noise reduction.

Don't get me wrong. The Saramonic Blink500 ProX is a great set of microphones. This is simply not a set for everyone. However, if you are looking for something for closed spaces or areas isolated from loud sounds, this is a product worth recommending.

Enjoy the video!


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