SIGMA 15mm F1.4 Fisheye Fun Photoshoot

May 31, 2024
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It's not every day I have the opportunity to test such a lens. SIGMA 15mm F1.4 fisheye lens hits differently.

This lens forgives mistakes because every photo is great fun, regardless of whether it turned out the way you wanted or not. I only had a week of fun with SIGMA 15mm F1.4 fisheye lens but I managed to create two videos. One of them is a classic walk around the city with a camera in hand.

The second one is something more creative. A mix of various scenes where my friend and I took street portraits. There was also pizza. The SIGMA 15mm F1.4 fisheye is, above all, fun in finding creative angles.

Sometimes the image is so strange that you don't know what's happening on the screen. But we always laugh in the end.

SIGMA 15mm F1.4 fisheye portrait

I believe the lens is suitable not only for photos but also for film. I confirm that it is not a light lens, but you get what you get. Thanks to the 1.4 aperture, you can easily do what you do at night. I tested the achievable effects at night. The thing about night is that only good lenses will show the good side.

The SIGMA 15mm F1.4 fisheye lens is not only a distorted image but also quality. I would say, first of all, quality. The image is so vivid that you want to see all the details and the beauty of the depth itself.

SIGMA 15mm F1.4 fisheye portrait

The lens requires sensitivity and practice. The first day was hard and I didn't manage to record anything. The photos were not interesting and not even creative.

The breakthrough moment was taking the model for photos. The SIGMA 15mm F1.4 fisheye is a tough lens for a solo walk in the city. Of course, given a lot of time, you can probably get some very interesting results. My to-do list stretched long, and I had limited time 🙂

SIGMA 15mm F1.4 fisheye portrait

Below you'll find two videos. Enjoy!


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