Las Vegas POV Street Photography w/ Sigma 85mm

June 18, 2023
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This city definitely doesn't sleep at night. But what happens in the morning? Join me for a short Las Vegas POV photo walk down the Strip and admire the city by day.

What made the biggest impression on me at night was, of course, the neon lights, illuminated buildings up to the top, the huge number of attractions on the main street, and the general enormity of the whole place. Everything there is huge! Literally.

The idea for Las Vegas POV in the morning was born the day before. I figured there was no point in repeating the same thing. We had some content from the evening, so it would be a good complement to have one during the day, I thought.

I didn't think long. It was the last "free" day to do anything. I decided that going out in the morning with a camera and recording a video would be a nice option so I took my camera and chose the Sigma 85mm 1.4 DG DN for contrast. Why? It was a conviction that there would be very few people on the streets. I couldn't imagine chasing someone with, for example, 24mm. There was no time to change my mind because I wouldn't have another chance to go out in the morning.

The sun in Las Vegas rises and sets very quickly. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but I had the impression that when it came up, it was high in the sky in literally an hour. And we know how bad it is to take pictures at noon.

In this Las Vegas POV video, I thought some of the photos were really good. I even have one favorite but I need to refine it a bit because after publishing I decided that it deserves a better and longer edition.



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