Warsaw Insider: The Magnificent Seven Mention

January 26, 2024
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This is a cool story. Warsaw Insider shared my photo on their official Instagram channel. A few weeks later, a person working for the magazine, reached out to me.

It turned out that my photo was on the list of top 7 photos from all of 2023. The Magnificent Seven is a Warsaw Insider magazine initiative. It aims to select the 7 best photos from their profile.

Warsaw Insider shared several of my photos throughout 2023. But I didn't expect that any of them would appear in the printed copy in January 2024. I'm happy because I know that someone likes my photo. Likes it so much that I'm holding the printed number #329 (January 2024) in my hand. And my photo is inside that printed mag.

So cool!

These small gestures give additional motivation. And motivation is a guaranteed flow of new ideas. Warsaw Insider certainly contributed to the creation of this post. And without it, I wouldn't have this story to tell you.

I don't know if you agree with me or not. But something like this deserves to be in the "About" tab. I believe that we should brag about even the smallest achievements. 1 of 7 photos and you can see many more on their profile! So yes! This is an achievement.

See some magazine photos below.

eastbanger - mention The Magnificent Seven in Warsaw Insider
eastbanger - The Magnificent Seven in January 2024 mag
eastbanger - The Magnificent Seven votes
eastbanger - my image for The Magnificent Seven - Warsaw Insider mag
eastbanger - my image for The Magnificent Seven


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