7Artisans 18mm F6.3 II – A $59 Cap Lens Street Photography Test

April 2, 2023
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I had a delightful afternoon with this lens. We are talking about the 7Artisans 18mm F6.3 II Ultra-thin Cap lens. If you are into the casual street and documentary shooting, this lens is for you.

Street photography is a popular genre of photography that captures candid moments of people and the urban environment. With the release of the 7Artisans 18mm F6.3 II Ultra-thin Cap lens (upgraded 2023 edition), street photographers have a new tool to capture stunning images.

This compact and lightweight lens is designed for APS-C mirrorless cameras and offers a wide-angle perspective that is ideal for street photography. The F6.3 aperture is fine for capturing good-quality images in bright daylight, and the small size of the lens makes it easy to carry around all day.

One of the key benefits of using a lens like this is its discreetness. Street photographers often want to capture candid moments without drawing attention to themselves or their gear. With this lens, you can blend in with the crowd and capture authentic moments without disturbing the scene.

Overall, the 7Artisans 18mm F6.3 II lens is a great addition to any street photographer's gear bag. It is very light, which certainly doesn't tire your hands, but also doesn't draw attention to itself. And this can be a great advantage if we don't want to disturb others. As

As I already mentioned I went for a walk with this lens and with my Sony A6000. Of course, I recorded short footage in classic POV style. So you can take a closer look at the quality of the photos and overall lens performance.

All photos have been edited with my presets.

Thanks to PEARGEAR for sending me this lens for tests. If you want to check the specs or just buy this lens, you can do this here.



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